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LODGE MONDO is a small inn that we renovated ourselves using wood that we cut from trees in the mountains of Niishiizu. Eight different types of wood have been used to create a dining space where you feel like you are in the middle of the forest, a deck made out of a single hewn board, and seven rooms for you to relax in—each with their own unique interior. We are committed to self-sufficient sustainable energy, and the hot water in the bathrooms is heated using a firewood boiler fueled with wood cut during forest pruning.

The Izu Peninsula—Where the Mountains Kiss the Sea

The Izu Peninsula—Where the Mountains Kiss the Sea

Find the natural elements of Izu—the nearby sea, mountains, and rivers—scattered throughout the guest rooms and interior of LODGE MONDO.
The making of charcoal was widespread on the Izu Peninsula since the Edo period. Yet the trees in the mountains fell out of use as modern society shifted its way of life to consume fossil fuels, making the charcoal-burning industry obsolete.
This led to our decision to cut down broadleaf trees like the wild cherry and the shii tree, processing them into lumber at a sawmill deep in the mountains. Almost all of the wood used in the interior of LODGE MONDO was harvested in the mountains by us, as part of an initiative we began to revitalize the mountains.

Using What Already Exists to Achieve Energy Self-Sufficiency

In 2022 we achieved self-sufficient thermal energy for hot water and heating in LODGE MONDO’s baths, by building a hybrid heat system combining a boiler that burns for fuel wood cut down in forest pruning, with solar heat collectors.
The Izu Peninsula, which used to make charcoal in the mountains and ship it to Edo and other urban centers, is also an area blessed with forest resources that makes it possible to export energy. We are proud to continue this forest’s long time energy-providing tradition for those who travel here through Izu’s natural habitat.
We want to keep the mountains and sea sustainable, and we do so by making use of the natural resources of these mountains and sea, and linking them to tourism and outdoor activities.

Using What Already Exists to Achieve Energy Self-Sufficiency
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